AI Human Cloning Technology

Transform Anyone into an AI Avatar Chatbot to Skyrocket Productivity, Leads, & Sales

Clone Yourself or Any Expert On Your Knowledge & Style &
Let Them Grow Your Business 24-7

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees
Agency Rights Included Today Only


Auto-Clone Yourself into AI

Turn yourself into an AI chatbot avatar with customized knowledge, personality, & appearance

Auto-Clone an Expert into AI

Turn any business owner or public expert into an AI chatbot with their knowledge

DFY AI Coaches to Use or Sell

Choose from already DFY expert AI chatbot avatars to sell or rent out to businesses in popular niches

Coach & Mentor Your Audience 24-7

Put your AI chatbot avatar in memberships & charge for access

Train with Specific Knowledge

Let the AI teach & interact the way you would, not how ChatGPT would

Generate Leads & Sales 24-7

Let your AI avatar chatbot work 24-7 generating leads or selling products

Customize Looks & Personality

Customize the chatbot avatar looks, personality, coaching style, & more

Sell to Clients

Sell customized AI chatbot avatars to clients with Commercial Technology

Embed Anywhere & So Much More

in this 1st ever no-code AI chatbot avatar customization suite

“…never imagined how easy it would be”

We’re sending leads that didn’t buy on our webinar to our AiCoach clone and seeing about 30% conversions. Previously, this would have been wasted leads that never buy. I could have never imagined how easy it would be to set one of these up. The personalization is key to getting leads to engage and buy. Incredible work on this lads.

Mike C.

“closing multiple clients for $3k a piece…”

Guys, this is like selling candy to a kid. We’re closing multiple clients for $3k a piece selling them AI avatar look-a-likes. We just clone a decision maker, message them a demo, and they love it. The Pixar-like character feature doesn’t make the client get weirded out either - genius move! Thanks for early access to this.

Dean J.
Turn Yourself or Any Public Expert…
Clone yourself or an expert…
Into an AI Avatar Chatbot Customized with Specific Knowledge
Into an AI digital avatar chatbot with customized appearance, customized knowledge, and customized personality.

In Minutes You Can…

Clone Yourself into an
AI Avatar Chatbot

Turn yourself or a client into an AI bot that coaches clients & drives leads 24-7.

Clone an Expert to
Consult From

Clone an expert to learn from without $1000s in consulting fees.

Create & Sell a DFY AI Coach to a Small Business

Choose from tons of pre-trained AICoaches to use in any business.

Create Your Own Specialized AI Coach from Scratch

Or build your own AI bot that works for you 24-7 for you educating your audience, driving leads, training staff, & more the way YOU want.

It’s so easy a kid can do it!

Step 1


Choose to Clone a Real Human or Pick from DFY Avatars

Step 2


Customize Personality, Appearance, & Knowledge Training

Step 3


Embed Anywhere and Start Profiting

The Next Revolution in AI is
Customized Training

AI and ChatGPT have revolutionized the way we do business, but come with massive limitations.

ChatGPT and current AI chatbots can’t teach, coach, and interact with your clients and prospects the way YOU can. 

Yes, there are AI bots that can automate a lot of tasks.

But, to really grow a business you need AI with its own identity and skillset that helps differentiate your business, your coaching style, the way you sell from, etc. from every other business out there.

Current AI Chat Bots

Aren’t Trainable on Specific Data & Can’t Share Unique Knowledge

Are Complicated to Setup and Costly

Feel Cold and Lifeless

And Without Self-Learning AI Technology, that means…

Businesses Are Forced to Pay Increasingly High Salaries to Outsourcers and Staff

Just check out what the average salary is for an outsourcer from Upwork to help automate tasks.

That doesn’t include healthcare, vacation, insurance, and more you would normally give to a salaried employee.

What if you (or a small business client) could leverage AI that not only automated each task on the level of an industry expert, 

but did it the way your company does. Just as if they went through extensive onboarding training.

If you think about it…

you could allow your current employees to do more productive, meaningful work in your business 100xing the growth of your company with LESS work. Sounds impossible, right?

But, for the first time ever, anyone regardless of experience can…

Clone Themselves or Any Expert Into a Customized AI Avatar that Works Tirelessly on Your Behalf

and imagine that in seconds you could…

Clone yourself or a biz owner that mentored your clients while you slept in your style with your exact knowledge.

Clone an expert to get high-level consulting from each day without paying thousands in fees.

Or create a customized AI chatbot avatar that works to drive leads and sales for your exact business 24-7.

You could grow your business by 100x and even start your own AI automation agency. Sounds like something from the far future, right?

Well, we’ve made it happen.

AICoaches lets you clone yourself or any expert into an AI avatar chatbot with customized knowledge & personality that mentors clients, closes leads, and works tirelessly on your behalf to grow your business.

Plus, you can customize and rent out already DFY AICoaches pre-trained in many different niches to small businesses to run an AI automation agency business, helping them save thousands of dollars in salaries.

AICoaches Isn’t Just Another Chatbot….

These AI Chat Avatars Are Trainable
on YOUR Data

These AICoaches are trainable, meaning they’ll teach and work according to the style and philosophy of the business owner. 

That’s FAR more valuable than just using a standard AI chatbot.

  • No frustrating prompts
  • No endless hours of training and correcting
  • No weird “AI hallucinations”
  • No boring interfaces
  • No hard coding or expertise

With AICoaches You Can

Educate Your Audience 24-7

Provide a clone of yourself or a business expert who talks and mentors your buyers in a membership.

Provide Support For Your Products

Have customers get support and their questions answered from your trained support AI bot.

Generate Leads 24-7

Put your AI chatbot on a website and let it interact with visitors and push people to give their email address.

Suggest and Offer Specific Products

Train your AICoach to offer tailored products specific to what a visitor wants.

Train Your Staff 24-7

Let new hires ask your AI bot how certain processes work, ask for specific tutorials, and more.

Learn Personally From

Level up your game in life by cloning a public expert like Huberman, Hormozi, and more and consult with the AICoach on a regular basis.

You Can Even Run an Entire Business Like
Many Beta Users Are Doing

And there’s no software experience needed.

In fact, you can run your own agency and be just like these guys…

Karla M. noticed many customers were not buying on her info product webinar. So she added a custom AI chatbot to talk with those that didn’t buy and increased revenue $250,000 with no extra work.

Ari G. added $200,000+ of additional revenue using smart AI chatbots in his AirBNB coaching academy. These bots convert 20%-40% of cold leads to schedule a coaching call which translates to a giant increase in revenue.

After struggling for years online, Liam O. recently started selling AI chatbots and quickly scaled to $100,000+ a month. His AI chatbot agency Morningside has more demand than it can fulfill.

Jastej C. was looking for a simple low-tech. side hustle to make some money on the side. He tried AI chatbots and was shocked at how much it produced with such little work. His side hustle now does $54,000+ a month.

Liam E. switched from saturated, boring marketing services that sucked up most of his day to AI chatbots & assistants. His agency now does $250,000 per month with most of the work now fully automated.

These kinds of results are no surprise because…

Demand for AI Chatbots & Assistants is Skyrocketing & Only Going to Keep Going Up

In Fact, People are Now Selling Chatbots with AI for $10,000+ a pop…

And these AI bots being sold today are complicated to make and not nearly as good as what AICoaches can produce!

You could easily charge $5000 for an AICoach bot or rent it out for a sweet monthly paycheck instead.

With just a few clients, you could be making a fortune, without needing to spend $100,000 on development or ongoing tech support (we’ve taken care of all that for you!)

“There’s nothing like it on the market.”

Real life human cloning technology? Honestly, it sounded like another ‘pie-in-the-sky’ promise when I first heard about this. But after my test I have to say you guys delivered big time. It’s so simple to build an avatar clone and customize it to the purpose you need with this. There’s nothing like it on the market. For anyone reading if you don’t take advantage of this, you’re going to fall far behind. Great job again.

Kim C.

“ I’m blown away by the results…”

It feels like I never have enough time to get to everything in my business. I made an AiCoach clone of myself that understood my products and sales method in a few minutes, then put it to work getting leads and doing customer support. It’s only been a week but I’m blown away by the results and how accurate this is! Anyone who uses this has such an incredible advantage, thanks so much for access again.

Grazia T.

AICoaches is So Easy to Use…

01.Clone Someone Into AI or Choose a DFY AICoach

Choose to start from scratch and clone yourself or a public expert into an AI chatbot.

Or choose from already DFY AI avatar chatbots trained as experts in specific niches.

02.Train Your AICoach

Then, train your AI avatar chatbot on specific data so it shares customized knowledge the way you want with your prospects.

You can copy/paste text, add video links, add URLs, upload text documents, and more to train the AI.

03.Customize Appearance and Personality

Customize the personality and coaching style of your AI chatbot. Choose to make it more gentle vs more direct or more serious vs more light-hearted for example.

Plus, customize the chatbot appearance by adding your own image, changing colors, editing names, editing welcome and default messages, and more.

04.Put Your AICoach to Work 24-7

Choose what you want your AI chatbot avatar to do; sell products, generate leads, provide support, etc.

For instance, add lead capture forms if you want your AICoach to generate leads for you.

The AI avatar chatbot will work 24-7 educating clients, generating you more leads, increasing sales, and more just like if you cloned yourself or hired an industry expert in your field.

Meet Some of the Customizable AI Coaches You Can Pick From:

Lila Ananda

Yoga Coach

Lila Ananda, hailing from the tranquil valleys of Rishikesh, India, embraced yoga's essence from childhood, mentored by her yogi father. 

Journeying through Asia and Europe in her twenties, she amalgamated diverse traditions, crafting a distinctive teaching style. 

Today, Lila is celebrated for intertwining ancient wisdom with modern lifestyles, inspiring many to find harmony within.

Doug Strong

BodyBuilding Coach

Douglas "Doug" Strong, born in the gritty heart of Brooklyn, transformed from a lanky teenager to a national bodybuilding champion by his mid-twenties. 

Drawing from his own trials and triumphs, Doug developed a coaching methodology that emphasizes mental resilience as much as physical prowess. 

Now, he stands as a beacon in the bodybuilding community, guiding aspiring athletes to sculpt not just their bodies, but their character.

Maxwell Lean

Weight Loss Coach

Maxwell "Max" Lean, once grappling with obesity in his youth, embarked on a transformative journey that led him to shed over 100 pounds. 

Utilizing his personal experience, Max devised a holistic approach to weight loss, emphasizing sustainable habits over short-term fixes. 

Today, as a sought-after coach, he empowers clients worldwide to reclaim their health and confidence, one step at a time.

Fiona Ledger

Financial Coach

Fiona Ledger, raised in the bustling finance hub of London, swiftly ascended the ranks of a premier banking institution before realizing her true passion lay in personal finance education.

Harnessing her extensive expertise, she transitioned into coaching, crafting personalized strategies to help individuals navigate their financial journeys.

Today, Fiona is a renowned figure in financial literacy, guiding many to a future of fiscal clarity and abundance

Oscar Digitalis

Online Marketing Coach

Oscar Digitalis, born in Silicon Valley's tech-driven culture, quickly distinguished himself as a digital marketing prodigy by launching a series of successful online campaigns in his early twenties. 

Recognizing the vast potential of the evolving digital landscape, Oscar pivoted to coaching, aiming to democratize online marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. 

Today, he stands at the forefront of the industry, guiding brands to online prominence with his innovative methods and insights.

Sandy Amore

Relationship Coach

Sandy Amore, hailing from the romantic city of Venice, Italy, embarked on a quest to understand the intricacies of human connection after witnessing the ebbs and flows of many a love story. 

Merging her European sensibilities with formal studies in psychology, Sandy developed a compassionate yet pragmatic approach to relationship coaching. 

Today, she's revered globally, helping countless couples rekindle passion, navigate challenges, and write their own enduring love tales.

Dan Harmon

Life Coach

Dan Harmon, emerging from the vibrant streets of New Orleans, faced a myriad of personal challenges that led him to discover the transformative power of mindset and intention. 

Turning his life around, he became a beacon for others, channeling his experiences into a holistic life coaching methodology. 

Today, Dan is renowned for guiding individuals to unearth their potential, navigate life's tumults, and carve out fulfilling journeys.

Serenity Vale

Spirituality Coach

Serenity Vale, born amidst the mystical Himalayan peaks, was immersed in spiritual practices from a tender age under the tutelage of renowned monks and sages. 

Transcending beyond her roots, she synthesized Eastern philosophies with Western spiritual inquiries, creating a harmonious blend for modern seekers. 

As of now, Serenity is a beacon in the spiritual realm, guiding souls towards inner peace, awakening, and a deeper connection to the universe.

Miles Uplift

Motivational Coach

Miles Uplift, emerging from the challenges of Detroit's inner-city life, transformed personal adversity into a relentless drive for growth and empowerment.

His unyielding spirit and dynamic approach to overcoming obstacles soon became the foundation for his motivational coaching philosophy. 

Miles is an international sensation, inspiring thousands with his infectious energy, actionable strategies, and a genuine belief in every individual's potential.

Vince Delacroix

Chef / Recipe Expert

Vince Delacroix, nurtured in the gourmet heartland of Bordeaux, France, displayed a prodigious talent for culinary arts from a young age. 

Trained under Michelin-starred chefs and drawing inspiration from his family's rich culinary heritage, Vince mastered the art of blending traditional French techniques with global flavors. 

Today, as an internationally acclaimed chef, Vince is celebrated for his innovative dishes that tell a story, connecting diners to the very soul of gastronomy.

Natalie Stonebridge

Real Estate Expert

Natalie Stonebridge, raised in the architectural wonders of Chicago, developed an eye for prime real estate and a knack for sealing unbeatable deals early in her career. 

Marrying her academic background in urban planning with her passion for design, she became a trailblazer in the luxury real estate market. 

Natalie is recognized globally, helping clients find their dream properties while reshaping city skylines one landmark deal at a time.

Lila Pawsley

Pet Care Expert

Lila Pawsley, born in the lush countryside of Oregon, grew up surrounded by animals, fostering an innate understanding of their varied needs and behaviors. 

Turning her lifelong passion into a profession, she pioneered innovative pet care methodologies, emphasizing mental well-being alongside physical health. 

As of the present, Lila is a sought-after pet care expert, teaching pet owners globally how to cultivate deeper, more fulfilling bonds with their beloved companions.

And much more!

Checkout the AICoaches Demo:

Unique Features Never Seen Before
in ANY App Include…

Clone Yourself into an AI Avatar Chatbot

Quickly create a digital chatbot clone of yourself that’s trained with your specific knowledge.

Now you can be available 24-7 to mentor clients, close leads, and increase sales since your clone has all your expertise and can talk to clients and leads like you do.

Clone an Expert into an AI Avatar Chatbot

Choose to clone any public expert or institution into an AI chatbot avatar that's available around the clock.

Clone an expert to learn personally from without paying $1000s in hourly consulting fees. Or sell a replica to a business for them to converse with leads and clients 24-7.

Edit, Use, or Sell Already DFY AI Coaches

AICoaches comes loaded with fully pre-trained AI chatbot avatars that you can sell to biz owners or use them yourself. They're ready to go in popular niches like...

  • Bodybuilding Coach
  • Weightloss Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Online Marketing Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Motivational Coach
  • Dentist Assistant
  • Plumbing Assistant
  • and more. Or create your own!

Customize the AICoach’s Knowledge

Choose which information your AICoach will know and share and what it won’t. Tell it where to get the info, or give it some files to get started.

Easily train your AI chatbot from YouTube videos, copy/paste text, text files, website links, and more.

Customize the Personality and Style

Customize the personality and coaching style of your AI avatar chatbot. You can customize things like...

Question vs Advice - Train your AI to ask questions and hold space like a coach or give direct advice like a mentor.

Gentle vs Direct - Want an empathetic AI or a straight-talking one? You choose!

Short vs Long - Train your AICoach to give shorter responses like a back-and-forth coaching session, or lengthier paragraphs containing more information.

and even more personality options for humanistic companions that don't seem like AI bots.

Customize AICoach Design

Easily customize the chat widget and upload any avatars or images so it feels like you're talking to a real person or character.

Change fonts, colors, names, default responses, and more the way you want. No more cold, lifeless chatbot windows that get low interactions anymore.

Build Your List and Capture Data

Capture a visitor's email or information as they chat with your AICoach to generate leads.

Send leads to the autoresponder or CRM of your choice for email marketing, webinars, online consultations, and more.

Accept Payment and Let Your AI Coach Sell Products

Configure your AI chatbot avatar to sell custom products like a pro as they chat with prospects.

Accept payments and sell products by integrating your Stripe, PayPal, RazorPay, or other payment solution.

Use as a Support Agent or Customer Service Representative

Use your AICoach as a trained customer support agent and provide world-class support to your buyers and educate prospective leads, too

Your AI support agent will pull knowledge from your custom data training for speedy, accurate results that will delight employees or customers

Use as a 24-7 Coach & Product Creation Expert

Put your AICoach in a membership to provide coaching 24-7 to prospects when they can't reach you.

Plus, talk with your AI expert coach to create world-class courses and marketing materials you can use to start your own coaching business.

Embed Anywhere Multiple Ways

Just copy some script and embed your AICoach anywhere as a popup or inline embed.

AICoaches work perfectly on desktop devices, tablets, and mobile phones.

Hold Multiple, Personalized Conversations at Once

Scale your income, not your workload with the ability for your AICoaches to hold multiple, personalized conversations at once with many leads.

Organize by Workspaces & Clients

Organize all your AI avatar chatbots by type and by client with this feature.

Keep everything tidy and organized as you scale you or your client's business at lightning speed.

View Conversation History

Keep detailed documentation of all chats logged with chat conversation history.

This is important for compliance and to track what AI bots are producing the most results.

Instant, Accurate Responses

Chat with AICoaches anywhere including on the go and get accurate, instant responses.

Download Leads from Within the App

AICoaches integrates with the most popular autoresponders and webinar solutions. Don't have an autoresponder? Don't worry.

You can download all the leads captured through all AICoaches right from the dashboard and broadcast to them.

Gorgeous DFY Templates

Get tons of gorgeous templates you can use to customize your chatbot window.

Make your AI avatar chatbot window fun an exciting so people will want to engage with it.

Detailed Analytics

See important metrics in a click with detailed analytics. View which AI chatbots are working the best in your business and which ones are lagging.

Show proof to clients that their bots are selling products and booking clients.

And Many More Features Like…

Fully Cloud-Based

24-7 Support & Knowledge-Base

Instant Response Time

GPT4 Based

No Technical Experience Needed

In-App Training

Frequent Updates Included

Amazing Results

Full Customization

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees
Agency Rights Included Today Only


Think of the Time You’ll Save With This

Imagine you cloned yourself and worked an extra 7 hours per day, and your time is worth about $100 per hour. Take a look at the time and money you'd make with just one AICoach. Now imagine 5 AICoaches...

That’s thousands of hours saved and millions of dollars potentially earned.

Are you starting to understand the potential AICoaches can have for your business now?

AICoaches Works for Any Industry

Affiliate Marketers

Drive traffic to a page with a AI avatar chatbot that answers questions in specific niches & sells custom affiliate products.

Agency Owners

Rent out DFY coaches for monthly fees or clone a store owner.


Put yourself in a membership 24-7 to coach clients.

eCommerce Stores

Let an AICoach suggest custom products from your feed based on each new visitor.

‘Brick-and-Mortar’ Businesses

Generate email leads & sales with an AICoach that's optimized to capture leads.

And far more

Want to Run an AI Automation Agency and Help Struggling Mom & Pop Businesses?

We Have AI Programmed to Work for All These Local Niches

Local Car Dealers, Repair Shops

Pet Stores


Salons & Cosmetic Shops

Local Bands


Local Restaurant

Travel Advisors



Real Estate Sales

Retail Stores

And MUCH more

Here’s Why Local Biz Owners Will Pay You BIG MONEY For Their Own AI Coach…

Fitness Studios

A local gym or fitness studio could use an AICoach to personalize workout plans and provide real-time feedback to clients. This could include tracking progress, suggesting modifications to exercises, and offering nutritional guidance


Restaurants could employ an AICoach to optimize their menu offerings based on customer preferences and seasonal trends. It could also help with inventory management, cost control, and staffing schedules to enhance the overall dining experience.

Retail Stores

Small retail businesses could utilize an AICoach to analyze customer buying patterns and recommend products or promotions. It could also assist in inventory management by predicting demand and suggesting reorder quantities.

Salons and Spas

Beauty and wellness businesses can benefit from an AICoach to schedule appointments efficiently, offer personalized skincare or haircare recommendations, and provide clients with self-care tips and product suggestions between visits.

Auto Repair Shop

Local auto repair shops could use an AICoach to diagnose vehicle issues more accurately and recommend appropriate repairs. It can also help with inventory management for spare parts and assist in appointment scheduling.

There are thousands more examples like this.

Or Tap Into the 20 Billion Dollar Coaching Industry with No Expertise or Free Time Required

Online Coaching & Consulting
is One of the Fastest Growing Industries

(and AICoach is your secret weapon to collect the cash!)


Trading time for money


SOLVED! Coach unlimited clients 24/7!
Limited number of clients
SOLVED! Coach as many clients as you want, without being limited by time.
Heaps of competition
SOLVED! Stand out from the competition with AICoaches that are available 24/7
Frustrated clients
SOLVED! AICoaches eliminate the need for support tickets and long waiting times for an answer — give them instant service they’ll love!
No expertise
SOLVED! Use our ready-made coaches or clone a celebrity coach to deliver expert advice for you!
Not enough time for all tasks
SOLVED! Your AICoach will handle all the boring or time-consuming tasks while you do what you love!

Bottom Line Is…
This is the One Business Opportunity
You Can’t Mess Up


  • No special skills
  • No inventory
  • No hiring or firing
  • No expensive tools
  • No products
  • No experience
  • No offices or equipment
  • No crazy learning curves
  • No trial & error

And Users Say Getting
Results with AICoaches is Easy:

“I can’t believe how easy that was.”

BOOM! First monthly agency chatbot client landed. I can’t believe how easy that was. After buying lots of AI apps without success I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me. I just needed the right tool and obviously this is it.

Cesar T.

“extra 19k per month…”

As soon as I heard from you about AICoaches I knew that this could potentially double our revenue if it actually worked. After some fiddling around, guess what? An extra 19k per month in revenue from our AI avatar bot! We’re going to be deploying this in multiple ways. Excited to keep exploring.

Danica S.

“…there’s been a lot of interactions.”

At first I thought setting one of these human clones up would be complicated. But once I logged in everything was really easy. I’m using my AiCoach in my membership to deliver extra value and there’s been a lot of interactions. I’m happy this is providing extra value and should reduce membership cancelations for sure.

Nikki B.

“a team of little clones that fully understand your business”

My review: The beauty of AICoaches is the shear number of things you can use it for to grow your business. Lead generation, sales, customer support, course creation, coaching, I could go on and on. What makes it actually work is this easy customization feature you’ve made. It really is like a team of little clones that have fully understand your business. I’ve started building my AI employee team and haven’t been this excited in years.

Mo S.
Special Free Limited-Time Upgrade Today Only #1

Commercial Licensing Included

Ok, I know you’re anxious to get AICoaches with all of its incredible features, but we just want to up the ante.

That’s why we’re going to make sure that you get the Commercial License with your investment at no additional charge today. This allows you to sell the AICoaches you make to any business for any amount you want. 

Easily charge $5000 per AICoach, or even rent out any of the DFY AICoaches for monthly fees, just like a salary.  

Or, start selling AI avatar chatbot creation services on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and more tonight.

Special Free Limited-Time Upgrade #2

Client-Getting Training

Plus, you’ll get special training on finding and landing businesses that desperately need an extra hand in their business. 

If you’re an agency business, you can get AICoaches almost clients immediately with this VIP training from us.

You can run your own customization ‘AAA’ (AI Automation Agency) with this.

Because You're on This Page, You Qualify for the Special Bundle Deal

Get all the upgrades for a one-time price with no recurring fees and save 70%! Everyone else will have to pay full price for each upgrade while you get everything for a massive savings. It includes....

$1997.00 Value Sold for $127.00 / Yearly

This upgraded, more advanced edition of AICoahces includes the unlimited license and advanced features like...

  • Create Unlimited Workspaces
  • Create Unlimited Coaches
  • Capture Unlimited Leads
  • Embed Unlimited AICoaches
  • Integrate Clients into App Create AI Coaches- 25 Max
  • Get 15 More Premium AI Coaches
  • Let AICoaches Collect Reviews
  • Let AICoaches Collect Feedback
  • Advanced Customization - Customize Widgets with Backgrounds and Gradients

$800.00 Value Sold for $97.00

30x results by expanding into international markets, getting templates delivered each month, and much more.

  • International Technology - Make AICoaches in Any Languages Now
  • Train AICoaches in Any Language
  • Remove the ‘Powered-By AICoaches’ Link
  • Coach Booster Tech. - Have Coaches Send Welcome Messages & Suggestions
  • Template Club Access
  • DFY Agency Site to Sell AICoaches to Clients
  • Agency Site Hosting 5 Year Plan

$2997.00 Value Sold for $197.00

This most advanced edition of AICoaches allows you to keep clients longer with advanced Enterprise technology, whitelabel the app as your very own so clients don’t buy from us, and far more like…

  • Agency Whitelabel - rebrand app with own logo & customized branding
  • Integrate 500 Clients
  • Enterprise Reseller - resell AICoaches with this most requested feature
  • Enterprise TMA Tech. - add team members into the software to do the work for you
  • Unlimited Team Members Licensing
  • DFY Legal Client Contract to Close Big Tickets
  • DFY Coaching Agency Bundle - includes Fiverr Gig templates, agency proposal, swipes to close clients, and more

$597.00 Value Sold for $67.00

Rewardsly 2.0 is the best mobile loyalty card and gift card systems creator on the planet available to small businesses.

Auto-create no-contact digital loyalty card programs for offline-based or online-based businesses with smart QR-code technology & cloud rewards stores.

Plus, with the advanced agency right technology, you can run a loyalty agency business hands-free with proprietary technology.

$597.00 Value Sold for $67.00

JusTap is a new technology that transforms boring ‘old-school’ business cards into new-age ones that generate leads and sell products for small business owners. With JusTap you can use new 'NFC' tech. businesses cards to generate leads, book appointments, sell products, and more with just a scan of your phone.

$597.00 Value Sold for $67.00

Forrk is a groundbreaking cloud app that creates everything restaurants need to survive allowing you to run a restaurant agency business. Set up QR-code menus & mobile online ordering/delivery for restaurants who can’t afford to pay huge fees to UberEats, GrubHub, Deliveroo and more.

Loaded with Unbelievable Features!
With the Exclusive Bundle Deal,
You’re Getting...



Includes the Following:
  • Create Unlimited AICoaches
  • Capture Unlimited Leads
  • Create Unlimited Workspaces
  • Sell Unlimited Products
  • Embed Unlimited AI Coaches
  • Get Premium AICoaches in Your Membership
  • Let AICoaches Collect Positive Reviews
  • Let AICoaches Collect Feedback
  • Advanced Customization
  • Add Gradients & Backgrounds
  • VIP Bonuses (Today Only)

Total Value:


Currently Selling For:
$197.00 / Yearly



Includes the Following:
  • International Technology - Make AICoaches in Any Languages Now
  • Train AICoaches in Any Language
  • Remove the ‘Powered-By AICoaches’ Link
  • Coach Booster Tech. - Have Coaches Send Welcome Messages & Suggestions
  • Template Club Access
  • DFY Agency Site to Sell AICoaches to Clients
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Showcase Testimonials
  • Agency Site Hosting 5 Year Plan

Total Value:


Currently Selling For:
$127.00 / Yearly



Includes the Following:
  • Agency Whitelabel Technology
  • Add 100 Agency Clients
  • Reseller Ability
  • Team Member Technology
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Enterprise Outsourcing Suite
  • AI Business Agency Proposal
  • AI Marketing Presentation
  • Coaching Client Welcome Pack
  • Fiverr Gig Training & Templates
  • DFY Swipes & Teleswipes
  • Easy-Edit Whitepaper
  • DFY Contract
  • Enterprise Bonuses (Today Only)

Total Value:


Currently Selling For:
$197.00 / Yearly


Rewardsly 2.0


Includes the Following:
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Rewards Membership Creation
  • Gift Card System Generator
  • QR Code Technology
  • DFY Gift Card Templates
  • DFY Rewards Templates
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • POS & Payment Processor Integration
  • Customer Tracking Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Safe Mode Technology
  • Cloud eCommerce Rewards Stores
  • Viral Referral Tech.
  • Smart Reward Follow-up Tech.
  • Commercial Rights - Sell as a Service
  • Agency Rights - Integrate Businesses Into the App

Total Value:


Currently Selling For:
$67.00 / Yearly




Includes the Following:
  • Create Unlimited Digital Business Cards
  • 50 DFY Business Card Templates
  • Agency Technology - Manage Clients/li>
  • Generate Unlimited Leads
  • Multiple NFC Publishing Campaigns
  • Send Automated Email Notifications
  • Complete Campaign Analytics
  • Add QR Codes
  • Collect Client Info Wizard
  • Integration with Major Autoresponders
  • Share Business Cards Unlimited Times

Total Value:


Currently Selling For:
$67.00 / Yearly




Includes the Following:
  • QR-Code Menu & Ordering System Tech.
  • Point-n-Click Customization Technology
  • DFY Site Hosting
  • DFY Mobile Menu Templates
  • Table Payment Option
  • Accept Pickup, Delivery, or Both
  • Set Store Hours
  • Fully Customize Menu Listings
  • Integrate Client’s Payment Processor
  • Restaurant Website Builder
  • Monitor Pickup & Delivery Orders
  • Prequalified Restaurant Lead System
  • Agency Rights & Commercial Rights
  • Special Unlimited License

Total Value:


Currently Selling For:
$67.00 / Yearly

Get These Amazing “Launch-Day” Bonuses
if You Order Today...

Coaching Agency Presentation & Pricing Guide

Get this high-converting presentation to sell your AI-bot coaching/employee services to clients or help your agency clients sell their services. This easy-to-edit guide helps you display AICoach bot pricing and detail what your service will be about.

Access to Gorgeous Coaching Workbook with Agency Rights

Give coaching clients a gorgeous coaching workbook they use to implement the coaching they receive from you, the client, or an AICoach bot you create for them.

ImagineAI Agency Unlimited AI Image Maker

Get a stunning AI image maker you can use for yourself or clients to make images for any need that stand out.

AI Blog Auto-Writer Agency Access with Agency Rights

Create entire blogs for you or your clients to rank and get traffic from with this AI blog creation wizard. The content is undetectable by Google search engines and lets you produce mass amounts of quality content for passive traffic.

Easy-Edit Ultimate Local Lead Pages

Make a high-converting, perfectly optimized page to start gathering emails & appointments for small businesses. Put your AICoach bots on these for the ultimate lead generation kit.

Agency Portfolio Maker Access

The ultimate solution to showcase your agency or freelance services in a high-end, professional manner.

Portfolio Maker Gallery is designed to to build simple portfolio galleries, but powerful enough to be used for landing clients far easier & faster

Agency Rights to Local Appointment Scheduler 2

Local Appointment Scheduler adds appointment booking capabilities to you or your client’s website. It’s easy to set up and— more importantly — easy for your agency customers or their customers to book appointments.

Lead Monster Pro w/ Developer Rights

The Ultimate Solution to create pop-ups and put your conversions on steroids. Create exit pops, scroll pops and delayed pop-ups without installing any script or messing with code..

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Includes the Following:
  • Train AICoaches with Links, PDFs, & Text
  • Customize Personality
  • Customize Coaching Style
  • Customize Avatar Appearance
  • Create from Scratch Option
  • Lead Generation Technology Option
  • Customer Support Technology Option
  • Coaching Technology Option
  • Popup Embed Option
  • Training & Tutorials
  • Knowledgebase Access
  • Inline Embed
  • Access 20 DFY AICoaches
  • Make 500 AICoaches At Once
  • Embed 500 AICoaches At Once
  • Sell 50 Products Per AICoach
  • Client CRM Technology
  • Capture 20,000 Leads Per Month
  • Commercial Rights - Sell to Businesses


AICoaches Premium

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  • Access to AICoaches Bundle
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  • Commercial Rights - Sell to Businesses
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AICoaches Bundle

Your low investment is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee

I haven’t seen anything this powerful and disruptive..."

I’ve been in marketing for decades and I haven’t seen anything this powerful and disruptive since the invention of the funnel. AI chatbots are helpful, but this personalization and customization element you’ve added just took things to an entirely different level.

Rafael B.

PS: AICoaches Will Be Here
Now and in the Future

We’re all committed to continuously supporting, updating and improving AICoaches behind the scenes with no downtimes or disruptions, ever. 

Rest assured that every feature included will just keep getting better and better in the future just like the last two years. Our developers are committed to keeping up with future innovations and technical changes as needed to keep all apps performing optimally. 

And don’t forget, you’ll get detailed training videos and 24-7 customer support if you ever have a question or issue.

To Your Success, AICoaches Founders

One Time Investment

No Monthly Fees
Agency Rights Included Today Only


Frequently Asked Questions

I Already Have an AI Chatbot App, How's This Better?

AICoaches is far more than another GPT bot or automation tool.

The next revolution in AI is customization which is what every business really wants. This is the only tool that lets you customize data training & knowledge, personality, coaching style, avatar character, & more.

This is the only app where you can have, for instance, an AI replica of you coaching clients in your coaching style, philosophy, and avatar - NOT a cold lifeless bot.

Is there a page with a better deal than this?

Nope. Because you were referred by a premium partner to this page, you qualify for the best possible deal to AICoaches if you buy today. 

Is this a one-time fee? If so how can you support this longterm?

Yes, AICoaches is available for a one-time fee only during the launch-day special only. We will need to switch the product to recurring so this one-time price is available for a few days only to reward early action takers who trusted us first.

How Much Can I Charge as an Agency?

Customized AI chatbots are extremely in demand now, and regularly sell for $10,000 a piece.

Plus, you can 'rent' out a customized AI chatbot or AICoach DFY employee for $500 and up per month which some agencies have done with great success.

Where Do I Get the Clients as an Agency?

There is training which you'll qualify for today which will walk you through this.  

Also, keep in mind an AICoach can be used primarily to generate leads and can work for you to generate agency clients around the clock

Is There Detailed Training?

Yes! AICoaches is super easy to use & there are detailed training & tutorials for you & small business customers + 24-7 support.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you try out AICoaches and aren't blown away you can get your money back in 30 days.

How many clients can I have with this software?

You can sell AI chatbots to as many clients as you want for any price you want.

Does it work on Windows and Mac?

Yes. AICoaches is 100% cloud-based, so it works on any system, device or screen size, from anywhere in the world.

Is there training and support available?

Yes, we’ve got full step-by-step training if you need it, plus hands-on support from our team, waiting on standby to make sure you get results. However, the software is so drop-dead simple, you’ll probably never need us!

Will the app be updated regularly?

Yes. We’re constantly updating the technology to keep it working smoothly and as powerful as possible.